My drive for physical fitness

This blog is supposed to give you everything you need to achieve physical fitness. In other words, I want to help you to get in great shape. While wondering what to write about and what my readers would want to hear I was thinking about the number one thing that is letting me stay in great shape. It’s no secret workout or a brand-new diet that gets me to where I am right now. No. I tell you what it is. It’s my attitude towards physical fitness and the importance I associate it with. Let me explain why this matters.

Most of us associate physical fitness with hard work, sweat and a lot of vegetable cooking and eating which we couldn’t be less bothered with. And I get it. I feel you. Physical fitness is hard work. It takes a lot to work out several times a week and watch what you’re eating. It takes time and effort to cook healthy meals every day instead of getting pizza or burgers. It’s demanding. I realize that. But here is why it works for me and why I find myself, not only in unease when eating unhealthy food, but actively refusing to do it more often. It goes against my beliefs. It goes against what I think is good and right for me because I taught/ conditioned myself to maintain a healthy diet and do workouts. It became absolutely crucial for me to stay in shape and work on my body. It’s ingrained in my brain (see my last post on “how to get ripped” for more about that topic). Many years of practicing sports, exercising and eating healthy foods gave me the feeling that this is normal, that this is what I do. It became a part of me and it came natural to me.

This is the point where the drive kicks in. The drive I have for working hard on my body comes from this nature. I say I “have” the drive, but strictly speaking I am generating the drive. It’s not like I have it and you don’t. It’s something I still have to generate every day. It just comes easier to me because of my long commitment to physical fitness that I have had until now. This commitment, this nature of me that I built up over the years is the greatest source of getting the energy, of getting the fuel needed for long-term physical fitness.

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How do you get ripped?

Creating an unbreakable mentality 

A six-pack covering your stomach, widely-pumped shoulders and a full chest that puts extra tension on your shirt, who hasn’t dreamed of that? I dare to say that most of you have had similar thoughts and began daydreaming about the possibilities you would have if only you could live in that body for at least one day. Anyone who had similar thoughts say “Aye” out loud!

Great! Welcome! I am about to reveal my secret which has helped me put my body time and time again in substantial shape and which will help you do the same!

Training your body to perfection is a hard job. It takes a lot of exercise, the right nutrition and a strong mind to stay on the job, to not suffer from setbacks and to not get lost in the countless possibilities that can get you off the right track to where you want to be. I have seen it many times before where I was able to influence friends to start working out again but who soon lost interest and fell back to their old position. Not only were they unhappy to see themselves fall back but I was also very unhappy because I saw how excited they were in the beginning to finally make that often stated promise a reality and then lose everything – again.

I started to wonder. Why is it that some people make a promise and then fail to deliver while others can achieve their desired outcome? What I found out is the following: It doesn’t take a fancy gym membership to get in shape, it doesn’t take a personal coach to get ripped and it certainly doesn’t take those new pair of shoes that were especially designed to guarantee 35% better and more effective energy transformation or whatever the new marketing slogan reads today. Of course, all these things are nice to have and will make you feel better but they are not the mean needed to get you to your six-pack. Here is what you do need: Commitment. You need commitment to do your exercises four times a week. You need commitment to go for a run even after a long and stressful day at work. You need commitment to eat an apple a day. Commitment, I find, is the key. I have seen it in others and have seen it in myself. I have a KILLER COMMITMENT to getting ripped, to BECOMING BETTER, FASTER AND STRONGER EVERY DAY, to NEVER BACK DOWN and ALWAYS KEEP GOING. This is ingrained in my brain, it is in my DNA. It is the reason why my body is covered with killer muscles and it is the reason why I do awesome things like running marathons or conquering super-high mountains. It all started with committing to success. Yes, I see physical strength and health as success, and so should you.

So, if I have your attention now (I really hope so) then let me give you my personal advice on how to get started. This will be helpful to you even if you’re already hitting up the gym.

Here are 3 simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW:

1)      Make a commitment!

Here is what you can do RIGHT NOW. Go to a mirror, if you don’t have one don’t worry; it will work without one, too. Say out loud: “Today is the beginning of my awesome journey to physical strength. I know I have the mental power and all the tools necessary to GET RIPPED AS FUCK! (yes, you can and should use strong language). I WILL SUCCEED. I. WILL. SUCCEED!

2)      Remind yourself of that commitment!

Remind yourself of that commitment and restate it every day. I mean, this is as easy as it gets. Basically, I’m telling you the secret to getting ripped is talking to yourself. Trust me on this, it works. Say these phrases every day. Say it with confidence. If you don’t have any confidence then add “I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN MYSELF” to your psycho recipe.

3)      Put words into action!

Go and do it. Use the energy you get out of confidently stating these power phrases and act on it. Throw yourself on the ground and do 20 push-ups. Walk around the block. Go for a run. There are so many things you can do RIGHT NOW that will bring you closer to getting in great shape, to getting ripped or whatever your desired outcome looks like.

Thank you for reading my post (which is probably the most psycho one so far – but don’t worry, there’s more to come.) I have faith in you my psycho friend.


Writing this with a creepy smile on my face,


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The greatest source of unhappiness

„The greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside.“ – Jim Rohn

Let me repeat that. The greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside. So, if you want to eliminate the greatest source of your unhappiness then you should work on yourself, on your inner self, shouldn’t you?
I find great power in this. No outer factors, but we ourselves hold the power to eliminate our unhappiness. And not only do I believe that we possess the ability to eliminate unhappiness but we also possess the ability to build happiness. The starting point, I find, is the same: Your self. Start working on yourself. Find the areas in your life that you like spending time on and figure out how you can spend more time in those areas. If you’re obsessed with doing sports (like me) then take your time to do sports more often. If you’re a creative person and you enjoy playing or making music then take your time to play the piano or whatever instrument you play. I truly believe that it is that simple.
Unfortunately, people get easily pulled into things they don’t want to do, into jobs they don’t want to work, into lives they don’t want to live. Then why in Buddha’s sake would anyone continue to do those things, to work those jobs, to live those lives? What is it that is holding you back? What would happen if you suddenly said ENOUGH! and quit doing those things you don’t want to do, quit working that job you don’t want to work, quit living those lives you don’t want to live? I mean your time is ticking. No matter how old you are, your time is limited and it’s never too early to figure these things out for you. Get that in your head. Why would you spend your precious time with these things you don’t really want?
So, create new circumstances for you. Create that life you really want for yourself. Find that job you really want to work. Don’t be impatient. It won’t come over night, but keep on looking, keep on searching, keep on discovering and opportunities will unfold.

If you need help getting started then create a list and write on it everything you could ever wish for. Don’t limit yourself, it’s just a list. There are no boundaries. Be creative, be open and have enough courage to write down even the things you haven’t dared dreaming about. Do it. NOW!

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Let me be your coach!

In the following posts I want to give you advice in many different areas concerning sports and fitness. Why, though, should you even listen to me? Let me give you a brief history about my experiences.

Since I was a little child I was fascinated about sports in its versatility and challenges. I was very lucky to get introduced to sports at an early stage because over the years it has become a very important part of my life. I started out with skiing, then added tennis and basketball to my favourite sports. Today, I enjoy playing and doing an additional broader range of sports such as volleyball, swimming, running and biking among others. I’m not a pro in every field, I confess, but in some of them I dare to say that I can kick some ass! What’s so fascinating and rewarding about doing different kinds of sports is that you dealing with very different components of sports (like techniques, exercises, workout routines, intensities in training) and getting a better understanding of your body as it is confronted with a variety of challenges. 

So, what are some accomplishments I can show off to you?

I was a team member in several different sports teams where I learned to function to the best of my abilities within a group of people. I used my free time to explore different areas that seemed not made for me such as swimming and running (I was a terrible swimmer in the beginning and couldn’t really be bothered to go for a run). In my sports major course in high school I taught myself the techniques, breathing rhythms and everything else that belonged to swimming and excelled in the final exam (to the astonishment of my sports teacher who thought that I was using illegal substances because he couldn’t believe how fast I swam the 400m freestyle; plus, I beat a colleague of mine who really thought he’d be faster than me).

Then I moved on to running. I started out with a half-marathon and one year later I ran a full marathon which I still find one of the best achievements of my sporting career so far. During and in between all this I frequently hit up the gym, working on my body and defining every muscle fiber. 

Today I focus on running and building muscles at the gym again. My goal for this summer is to run a half marathon under 1:30h and also gain ~5 kg of muscle mass.

I hope you’ll see that behind the posts to come I don’t want to make up stories or give you some second hand advice. I have a lot of experience in many different fields of sports and I made it my mission to share my best experiences and my best advice with you. I sincerely hope that you will find some value in this. If you doubt you’re getting anything out of this do push-ups or go on a treadmill while reading it so at least your body will get something out of it.

Thank you,


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What is this all about?


thank you for visiting my blog „MyStrongestSelf“. That’s one fancy title I chose, isn’t it? I thought so too when I came up with it, but this is exactly what I want to accomplish here. Building your strongest self, your strongest version of yourself. I know for sure that I want to be the strongest version of myself, physically and mentally, pushing my boundaries and reaching new limits.

I have trained my body and mind into a state where the hunger for more is strong, the lust for pushing my boundaries is pervasive and succeeding in reaching my goals absolutely crucial. I know that success is only a matter of time, it’s inevitable. I want to share this passion and mindset with you. Therefore, I would like to thank you once again for taking your time and reading through my posts, even if it’s just this one (my first one – it’s so exciting, and quite frankly, harder than I thought, so bear with me).

I hope you stick around for a few minutes and give me the chance to give you something that brings you closer to your goal of building your strongest self.



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